Merseyside...Cod Corner aka Priory Wharf (high and low )

This section gives info on venues which are suitable for anglers who don`t like to,or can`t walk too far.They are also suitable/safe for eldery,disabled or young anglers
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Merseyside...Cod Corner aka Priory Wharf (high and low )

Postby Big Kev » Sat Nov 14, 2015 3:41 pm

This is a popular mark for anglers targeting codling during the winter months,though space is fairly limited and it can be snaggy.The hot spot "cod corner" is where the finger posts are...
You can access this by parking in the pay and display car park at the Woodside Ferry Terminal (£2 per day),then waking along the front to your right...
As it`s situated at the narrow stretch of the Mersey,the tidal pull can be very strong,so neap to mid range tides are best.Experience is the key to success here,as regards to how far to cast and in what direction...get it right and you can enjoy some good sport with fish in the 2lb to 4lb range.
There is parking just to the south of the mark on
Alabama Way
..which is where anglers used to meet the charter boats by the slipway ,at a cost of £3 per`s 100yds walk to the left to reach cod corner. **Parking here is not advisable in snow or icey conditions as the road drops down very steeply,making it very difficult to get back up when leaving**
The parking charges are always likely to increase as the council needs more funding
There is a pay n display car park behind the land registry which is £4.50 per day
N.B. If it's a weekend or a night,park against the post Office building at Pacific road on the other side of The ferry-five minute walk across to cod corner
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