Perch Rock...low water mark

Lots of info for the North West venues.....thanks to Dave Kam for all of the Fylde marks

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Perch Rock...low water mark

Postby Big Kev » Tue Apr 08, 2008 2:05 pm

One of the most popular marks on the Mersey,which gives superb autumn/winter sport with whiting/dabs/codling.In early spring/summer the crab activity can be pretty high,and as a result catches will suffer,though the number of thornbacks and smuts is increasing year on year..Late summer will often produce the best variety of fishing,with rays showing along with odd smooth hound,plus the arrival of dogfish....there`s also a few good conger lurking.
Best fished from 2 1/2 hours before low til an hour or so after,on spring tides,which means you will be fishing in to a deep channel....still fishable on neap tides but extra casting distance is needed to reach the channel.
Standard beach gear/rigs are needed,though a clipped down rig will get you in to the channel earlier....all manner of baits work well.
Getting there....Head for New Brighton and park behind the Fort/Lighthouse,next to the`s a 7 min walk around the left of the fort to reach the marks.
Christ Simon,you would`nt have to keep it...

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