NWASAC P.M Matches 2012 Series

General information as well as Match Dates for the NWASAC

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NWASAC P.M Matches 2012 Series

Postby heather » Thu Feb 09, 2012 6:13 pm

P.M Matches 2012 Series (all pegged, measure & release to 18cms, bring a bucket):

Round 1. Sat 11th February 10.45am- 3.15pm, Kinglake Promenade, Wallasey CH44 8DF .
hw 1.18pm, 32.2 ft. Meet at the bottom of Tobin Street from 9am. Fishing from promenade, ideal
for shelters. Species: codling, dabs, whiting, flounders to worms, frozen crab, fish baits & molluscs.

Round 2. Sat 10th March, 7–12pm, Llandudno North Shore, Conwy LL30 1BB. hw 11.46pm, 32.8 ft.
Meet by paddling pool from 5.30pm. Fishing after dark from steep-to beach, O.K. for shelters and
waders advised. Species: whiting, codling, dabs, plaice and dogfish to worms, sand eels and

Round 3. Sun 22nd April, 9.30am- 2pm, Mersey Road, Aigburth L17 5AR. hw 12.36 pm, 29.4 ft. Penn
points. Meet at car park from 8am. Fishing from promenade, ideal for shelters, no pendulum.
Species: flounders, eels, codling, rockling to crab and worm baits.

Round 4. Sun 29th April, 2.30–7.30pm, Connah’s Quay (between harbour & railway bridge) CH5 4DS.
hw approx 5.30pm, 24.1 ft. Meet in car park upriver of car park via Dock Road from 1pm. Fishing
from sloping silt/ mud bank. Species: flounders, eels & bass to worms or crab.

Round 5. Sun 20th May, 4.15- 8.15pm, Rock Channel, New Brighton CH45 3HL. lw 6.18pm, 6.1 ft. Penn
Points. Meet in Perch Rock car park from 2.45pm. Fishing in low water channel, moderate walk over
sand. Species: dabs, flounders, plaice to crab.

Round 6. Sun 10th June, 1.30–6pm. Greenfield, Flintshire CH8 7EL (approx) . hw around 4.31pm, 26.7
ft. Penn points. Meet in harbour car park via Dock Road from noon. Fishing from rocks, eel formula
applies. Species: eels, flounders, plaice, school bass to crab.

Round 7. Sun 19th August, 9am- 2pm, Bromborough CH62 3JQ. hw 1pm, 30.9 ft Penn points. Meet at
wharf off Riverbank Road from 7.30am. Fishing from grassy bank, children must be supervised.
Species: flounders, eels, thornback rays, whiting, dabs to crab, worms & squid.

Round 8. Sun 23rd September, 3–7pm, Vale Park Promenade (high water) CH45 5AD. hw 5.32pm, 26.2
ft. Meet at bottom of Magazine Lane from 1pm. Fishing from promenade over sandstone. Species;
flounders, plaice, whiting & dogfish to crab, worms & sandeel.

Round 9. Sun 14th October, 2.45- 6.45pm, Vale Park Bank (low water). lw 5.36 pm, 4.9 ft. Penn
points. Meet as round 8, similar species & baits plus dabs & rays. Fishing from low water bank,
waders advisable

Round 10. Sat 10th November, 11.15am- 3.15pm Talacre CH8 9RD. lw 2.16pm, 8.9ft. Penn points.
Meet in beach car park at end of Station Road from 9.15am. Long walk over soft sand. Species:
dabs, whiting, rockling to all types of worms and mackerel.

P.M.s Xmas match. Sun December 2nd, 10am- 2.30pm, Seacombe Promenade, Wallasey CH44 8DF. hw
12.57pm, 29.2 ft. Meet from 8am at bottom of Tobin Street, free entry to paid up members +
optional pools, non points. Species: codling, dabs, whiting, rockling to worms, frozen crab, molluscs
& fish baits.

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