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Uploading Photos

Postby iain » Sun Oct 14, 2007 9:07 am

We used to have a link to Post Image to help you upload your photos.
Unfortunately they are now having problems that affect our site so we have
removed the links.

To upload photos follow the steps below on how to use photo bucket. It's
relatively easy and you end up with much better reports.

Step 1.

If you haven't got one already, get a Photo Bucket account HERE its free.

Step 2.

Put the photos on your computer - there are too may possibilities you'll just
have to figure that bit out yourself :)

Step 3.

Open photo bucket and log on. You should get a screen with various things
on but this is the only bit you need to use at the moment.


If you haven't already done it set the picture size option to 640 x 480, this
will make your photos fit the screen nicely.

See where it says max image size 1024 x 768 (options) :?:
On your photobucket screen click on the word options you'll get a screen like this


Click on message board ( 640 x 480 ) then click Save

You'll be taken back to a screen like this. Notice how it now says
max image size 640 x 480 :!:


Step 4.

Ok lets upload some photos.

In the photobucket window click on the Browse button, and a file
upload window will appear.


Use this to browse your PC disk drive and select a file to upload. Click on
the picture you want, and click Open.


Repeat the above till you have done all your photos. If you have more than
3 photos (yes please :D ) click on + add more.

Now click Upload and wait for your photos to be it has uploaded.


and your photo(s) will be at the bottom of the page


Step 5.

Now, in another window go to the forum and start writing your message.


When you want to insert a photo minimize the forum window and go to the
photo bucket window. Find the photo you want to insert.


Look underneath the photo, you'll see 4 boxes. The one you want is
IMG Code. Click in the IMG Code box and it will automagically
be copied for you


Now minimize the photo bucket window and go back to the forum window.
At the point you want to insert your photo paste the IMG code by typing
Ctrl V or using the mouse right click and select Paste. You'll get something
like this.


Now just keep writing your message and adding photos till your finished :D

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