Llyen Peninsula....Porth Ceiriad (High and low water mark)

This section contains directions to a wide variety of venues,plus information on the type of fishing available,and the bait/rigs used
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Llyen Peninsula....Porth Ceiriad (High and low water mark)

Postby Big Kev » Sun Jul 25, 2010 2:05 pm

Porth Ceiriad is 1/2 mile of pristine storm beach located right on the tip of the Llyen peninsula which offers the chance of good bass fishing especially when there`s a surf running.The bottom is made up of very fine shingle and sand,which would also suggest a good chance of turbot and rays.
As ever when bass fishing they can often be caught at very close range....this one was only 25 yards out.
The water has a good depth close in so distance casting may not be necessary,particularly after dark.
Getting There.....
From Pwllheli stay on the A499 to Abersoch...go through the village and pick up signs for Sarn Bach...once you reach Sarn Bach follow the signs for Cilan Uchaf...after a few hundred yards you will go down a road signed as a dead end where you will come to a green metal shed/small garage...turn left just after the shed down another road marked as a dead end...you will come out at Nant-Y-Big farm. You will see a barrier in front of you...put £3 in the machine and you will get a token which allows you to get back out....if you need any info about the place/camping,there is a caravan/enquiries office just to the right of the barrier.It does say at the barrier that cars parked after 8.30pm will be clamped and it will cost you £30 to be freed....i asked at the caravan and was told to ignore it. Once through the barrier follow the track until it divides in two...the right side takes you to where you can pitch your tent should you wish to stay over...for fishing follow the left side (looks like you should`nt drive down it) once around the bend at the bottom there is a large/wide parking area.The path to the beach is clearly marked on the left...go through the couple of kissing gates and follow the steps down to the beach.
Species 2019...Flounder..Whiting

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