North Wales----Colwyn Bay Prom (High water mark)

This section gives info on venues which are suitable for anglers who don`t like to,or can`t walk too far.They are also suitable/safe for eldery,disabled or young anglers
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North Wales----Colwyn Bay Prom (High water mark)

Postby Big Kev » Wed Apr 09, 2008 12:11 pm

A popular venue throughout the year with a long railed prom and plenty of very close parking.The main species are whiting and dogfish,though in winter you`ll also have a chance of codling and flounders,and in spring/summer a few bass and plaice will show.It gets very busy on summer days and jet skiers will be a problem.Fish will be taken from the whole stretch,though a couple of the more favoured areas are at either end of the prom,just before the rocks.
Look to fish spring tides 2 hours either side of high water to the left of the pier,but you can start earlier from the "Arches" stretch to the right of the pier.
Distance casting can make a big difference to catch rates,though there`s still plenty of fish caught at medium range.Obviously the pier will give you more of a chance,but you`ll need to check the opening times,as it`s been undergoing refurbishment recently.
Clipped down rigs will give you that extra distance,and you will get plenty of sport with fish baits such as sandeel and mackeral.
Getting There....
Follow the A55 and come off for Colwyn Bay also signposted for can`t miss the pier :D
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