Llyen Peninsula----Trefor Pier (High and low water mark)

This section gives info on venues which are suitable for anglers who don`t like to,or can`t walk too far.They are also suitable/safe for eldery,disabled or young anglers
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Llyen Peninsula----Trefor Pier (High and low water mark)

Postby Big Kev » Wed Apr 09, 2008 12:08 pm

A very popular spot in spring/summer which offers some great fishing.Huss arrive in April,and on calm nights it will be busy with anglers looking for a biggie.Dogfish can often be a real pain as they attack virtually any bait within seconds.One of those venues where literally anything can turn up.Kids enjoy float fishing for small wrasse and a host of mini species.It will be very busy at weekends.
From Caernarfon follow the A499 for Porthmadog,then pick up the signs for Pwllheli (A499)....you will pass Dinas Dinlle,and Trefor is 7 miles further on.Turn right at the road signposted for Trefor and follow the long straight road to the village...just after the road bends to the left,you need to turn right and follow the narrow lane down to the parking area at the harbour...* be careful not to block the access to the slipway*
N.B don`t worry if you miss the turn off for Trefor,as there`s another one some 300yds further on.
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