Anyfish Anywhere 6 and Bait 13ft fixed spool

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Anyfish Anywhere 6 and Bait 13ft fixed spool

Postby Simon » Wed Dec 19, 2007 3:26 pm

Anyfish Anywhere 6 and Bait 13ft fixed spool

RRP £140

Only used for overhead thumps at the moment and up to 7oz, which it does extremely well. If any of the decent casters want to have a go and see what it can really do your more than welcome.

Bite detection is very good and the tip is good in windy conditions.

Not as ballsy as my daiwa mean streak so I'd be reluctant to use it over really rough ground.
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Postby blankman » Wed Feb 17, 2010 9:46 pm

Thinking of getting one Si for fixed spool, how has it held up since you bought it and do you recomend it for fishing locally, Mersey and North Wales?
I gather they are stiff rods but good :shock: cheapest i,ve seen for 13' fs is £120. I am also tempted by the dual purpose Penn power stix 13' fs & multi at M.A.C for £70, but heard its a bit soft.
I cast of the ground and use a simple fishing pendulum with multipiers.
Then theres the new ABU Hellbender at £100 quid and the new ABU Atlantic range at about £150, and of course the Shakespear Salt which lots of people have. Decisions, Decisions :?
Preferably would like a slimish blank as my hands are a bit on the stumpy side :oops:

Thanks for any advice ;)
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