nwasac 2013 PM Match dates

General information as well as Match Dates for the NWASAC

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nwasac 2013 PM Match dates

Postby heather » Thu Feb 07, 2013 8:25 pm

P.M. match dates- P.M. Series 2013. All pegged (except Xmas Match), length to weight
conversion, 2 hooks only, £7 entry.

1. Sun 10.2- Kinglake Promenade, 8.30am- 1pm. hw 11.02am. 31.9ft. Book on at bottom
of Tobin Street (CH44 8DF) at 7am. No pendulum casting.

2. Sat 30.3- Llandudno N. Shore, 7pm- midnight. hw. 0.44am. 31 ft. Book on 5pm at
paddling pool (LL30 1BB).

3. Sun 28.4- Gynn Wall, Blackpool 11–3pm. hw 1.38pm, 31.4 ft. Book on at 9am on sea
wall below Miners Home. Parking around Cavendish Road, FY2 9JR. Penn Points
applied for. No pendulum casting.

4. Sun 5.5- Greenfield, 5–9pm. hw 7.48pm approx, 26.5 ft. Book on from 3pm in harbour
car park via Dock Road CH8 7EL). Penn Points applied for.

5. Sun 9.6- Rock Channel (G. Crane Memorial) 4–9pm. lw approx 7pm (3 down, 2 up).
Book on in Perch Rock car park (CH45 3HL) from 2pm.

6. Sun 16.6- Blue Bridge, Queensferry, 3–7pm. hw 5pm, 25.5 ft. Book on at Queensferry
Hotel, Welsh Road (CH5 2RA) from 1pm. Penn Points applied for.

7. Sun 14.7- Otterspool, 11am – 4pm. hw 3.39pm, 27.3 ft. Book on in Jericho Lane car
park (L17 5AR) from 9am. Penn Points applied for. No pendulum casting.

8. Sun 11. 8- Bromborough, 10- 3pm. hw 2.35pm, 29.1 ft. Book on via Riverbank Road
entrance (CH62 3JQ) from 8am. Penn Points applied for.

9. Sun 15.9, Maddock Bank, 12–4pm. lw 2.44pm, 26.9 ft. Book on at bottom of Tobin
Street (CH44 8DF) from 10 am.

10. Sun 20.10, Vale Park Bank, 4.30–8.30pm. lw 7.29pm, 31 ft. Book on Magazine Lane
(CH45 5AD) from 2.30pm. Penn Points applied for.

Xmas- Sun 8.12, Seacombe Promenade, 12.30- 5pm. hw 3pm, 30.1ft. Book on at bottom
of Tobin Street (CH44 8DF) from 10.30am. No pendulum.

Summer League- Bill or Heather 0151 677 0011 (all offer Penn Points, pre-booking

1. Sun 14.4.13, Otterspool, 10am- 3pm.

2. Sun 19.5.13, Queensferry Blue Bridge, 5- 9pm.

3. Sun 30.6.13, Rock Channel, 9.30am- 1.30pm.

4. Sun 4.8.13, Vale Park Bank, 2.30–6.30pm. NB revised date.

5. Sun 8.9.13, Bromborough, 10am- 3pm.

2 Day Open, Sat/ Sun 9th & 10th November. Otterspool, 10.30am- 3.30pm & 11.30am –
Pre-booking essential, limited to 120 pegs, no crab.


Sun 12.5.13- Mersey Anglers Charity Open for St. John’s Hospice. Otterspool
Promenade, booking on Jericho Lane car park 7.30am till 8.30am, fishing 9.30am till 2.30pm,
20cm measure & return,
£15.00 all in, plus optional raffle.
John Waugh 0151 639 7974 or Ian Griffiths 07739166380

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