Final round of 2014 Personal Members Championship

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Final round of 2014 Personal Members Championship

Postby heather » Fri Dec 12, 2014 6:36 pm

Match Report: Final round of 2014 Personal Members Championship, Sun 7th December, Allan Marklew F & F Match, Seacombe Promenade, Wallasey (26 rods).

The final round of the series, the annual Fur & Feather Match, saw the series leader, Ian Griffiths, facing a last match challenge from two on-form anglers, Joe Perry and Bill Lindfield.
Strong winds and a fierce tide run, particularly in the upriver Zone B, presented additional problems at this popular and productive promenade venue on the Mersey Estuary. As the tide flooded, sizeable codling, whiting and dabs started showing to worm and crab baits. Emily Edwards, the nine year old daughter of former champion Carl Edwards, landed some good codling and other fish to win Zone A, but in Zone B, Bill Lindfield accumulated an unbeatable 5040 gms (weight conversion) of fish to win the zone, the match and the championship, a successful defence of his 2013 title. He will be awarded the John Norbury Trophy for the series and the Allan Marklew trophy for the match, a fitting end to what must be his most successful match season yet. Also, he and wife Heather won the Pairs championship for the first time. Ian Griffiths finished runner-up in the series but will receive the Mersey Cup for his performance in matches fished in the Mersey Estuary.
After the match, as is traditional, there were festive prizes for all who fished the event.

Results (scored in continental style from 2 zones):
1. Bill Lindfield (Greasby), 504 pts., 14 codling, 2 dabs, 2 whiting, Zone B.
2. Emily Edwards (Bootle), 312 pts., 4 dabs, 4 whiting, 3 codling, 1 rockling, Zone A.
3. John Baguley (Wallasey), 311 pts., 8 codling, 1 whiting.
4. Phil Simpson (Pensby), 305 pts., 10 dabs, 5 whiting, 3 codling.
5. Joe Perry (Litherland), 256 pts., 7 codling.
6. Ian Griffiths (Eastham), 301 pts,. 4 codling, 3 whiting, 2 dabs.

Roundfish Pool: equal, Dave Bown (Greasby) & I. Griffiths, both codling of 920 gms.
Flatfish Pool: Paul Brocklebank (Wallasey), dab, 250 gms.

Championship final net scores, John Norbury Trophy:

1. B. LIndfield, 186 pts.
2. I. Griffiths, 182.
3. J. Perry, 174.
4. John Waugh (Wallasey), 166.
5. equal, Heather Lindfield (Greasby) & John S. Williams (Prenton), 154.
7. J. Baguley, 149.
8. Carl Edwards (Bootle), 135.
9. Andy Hopkinson (Eastham), 124.
10. Steve Bonner (Wallasey), 117.

Pairs Championship, Neil Williams Memorial Cup:
Bill & Heather Lindfield, 340 points.

Liverpool University/ Environment Agency Mersey Cup:
Ian Griffiths, 145 points scored within the Mersey Estuary.

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Re: Final round of 2014 Personal Members Championship

Postby Steve Duffy » Fri Dec 12, 2014 7:16 pm

Well done Bill and Heather :clap: :clap: Another fantastic year.
Thats bang out of order !

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