NWASAC Top 30 Results for 2013 league

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NWASAC Top 30 Results for 2013 league

Postby heather » Sun Jan 12, 2014 5:56 pm

NWASAC 2013 Top 30 Final.

With nothing on the match calendar since before Xmas there was an air of excitement as the top 30 finalists gathered to fish this match at Otterspool.
We were lucky to have chosen such a good window in the weather and the 28 finalists who turned up had a good night with lots of small codling, good whiting and dabs dominating there catch.
We fished two zones from either side of the anchor, paying out down to tenth place continental style with a prize fund of £910 collected throughout the leagues and raffles.
The prize money ranged from £40 to £160.

Bill and I would like to thank all the anglers who have supported us throughout 2013 and hope you continue to do so during 2014.


1ST, Bill Lindfield B zone 42 Fish 1107cms
2nd, John Waugh A zone 27 fish 689cms
3rd, Steve Trish B zone 24 fish 634cms
4th, Phil Simpson A zone 20 fish 488cms
5th, Ian Brookes B zone 25 fish 585cms
6th, Michael Brookes A zone 16 fish 429cms
7th, Mike Emery B zone 22 fish 574cms
8th, Heather Lindfield A zone 19 fish 421cms :D
9th, Ian Griffiths B zone 23 fish 570cms
10th, Nigel Conlon A zone 15 fish 376cms


11th, Carl Edwards B zone 21 fish 537cms
12th, Simon Dawber A zone 13 fish 328cms
13th, Richard Burrow B zone 19 fish 469cms
14th, Mike Flanagan A zone 13 fish 320cms
15th, Dave Campbell B zone 18 fish 454cms
16th, John Baguley A zone 10 fish 254cms
17th, Tony Owen B zone 11 fish 280cm
18th, Dave Evans A zone 8 fish 186cms
19th, Mike Parker B zone 11 fish 280cms
20th, Evan Hughes A zone 8 fish 184cms
21st, Les Trish B zone 7 fish 175cms
22nd, Steve Crowder A zone 6 fish 163cms
23rd, Ken Hughes A zone 7 fish 156cms

No other cards returned

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Re: NWASAC Top 30 Results for 2013 league

Postby Trishy » Sun Jan 12, 2014 6:26 pm

Thanks Heather, really enjoyed it. Looking forward to the league.

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Re: NWASAC Top 30 Results for 2013 league

Postby Steve Duffy » Sun Jan 12, 2014 7:00 pm

Thanks Heather.A good days fishing by the looks of it. :clap:
Thats bang out of order !

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Re: NWASAC Top 30 Results for 2013 league

Postby Big Kev » Sun Jan 12, 2014 8:02 pm

Cheers Heather....that hubby of yours is a fish magnet :clap: :clap:
Christ Simon,you would`nt have to keep it...

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