Match Report: N.W.A.S.A.C. Two Day Open 2012

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Match Report: N.W.A.S.A.C. Two Day Open 2012

Postby heather » Wed Dec 12, 2012 9:45 pm

Match Report: N.W.A.S.A.C. Two Day Open, Sat/Sun 8th & 9th December 2012, Otterspool Promenade, Liverpool (76 rods per day).

This annual festival of shore angling, now long established as one of the major events on the match calendar, attracted a star-studded entry from all over Britain and Ireland.
Although the Mersey Estuary was in far from top form with conditions on Saturday, in particular, very difficult, some stunning fish were landed with Pete Corker’s 12-2-8 cod (to three maddies on a size 6 hook!) on Saturday and Mike Emery’s 8-8-0 specimen on Sunday confounding passers-by on the popular promenade venue who would not have imagined that such fish swim in these turbid waters so close to Liverpool city centre.
Although the expected whiting shoals failed to show in any numbers on the Saturday, they did appear on Sunday when the bitter north wind abated and catches improved considerably.
The match was a close one with a fish count back needed to determine the final order. While local honour was upheld against strong performances by visiting anglers, it was the talented young Dublin angler, Stephen Brennan who made his return to match fishing in style, taking the win with a zone win and a second. Deeside angler Peter Corker, whose 83 cms cod was the big story of the weekend, was a worthy runner-up with N.W.A.S.A.C. Competition Secretary, Bill Lindfield, in third.
At the presentation in the Otters Pool pub on Sunday evening, Bill paid tribute to the Isle of Man angler, Lawrence Gell, a long time supporter of this event who had tragically lost his life in an accident at work just days before the match. Our thoughts are with his family and friends.


Zone A
1. George Smith (Grimsby), 122 cms, 1 codling, 1 cod, 2 whiting.
2. Ian Brookes (Birkenhead), 93 cms, 2 whiting, 1 codling.
3. J.P. Molloy (Clonakilty), 92 cms, 2 flounders, 1 codling, 1 whiting.
Zone B
1. Mike Emery (Onchan), 224 cms, 6 whiting, 2 codling, 1 dab.
2. Peter Corker (Pentre Halkyn), 200 cms, 3 codling, 1 cod,1 whiting.
3. Michael Brookes (Birkenhead), 127 cms, 2 codling, 2 whiting.
Zone C
1. Ian Reynolds (South Benfleet), 234 cms, 7 whiting, 1 codling.
2. Simon Dawber (Orrell), 175 cms, 3 whiting, 2 codling.
3. Dave Roe (Dublin), 134 cms, 3 whiting, 2 flounders.
Zone D
1. Stephen Brennan (Dublin), 212 cms, 4 whiting, 3 codling, .
2. Ged Stevens (Barrow-in-Furness), 165 cms, 4 whiting, 1 flounder, 1 dab.
3. Shaun Golightly (Tyne & Wear), 164 cms, 6 whiting.
Fish Pool:
1. P. Corker, cod 83 cms.
2. G. Smith, cod 69 cm.

Zone A
1. Garry Hutson (Grimsby), 285 cms, 7 codling, 2 whiting.
2. Kevin Barber (Sligo), 187 cms, 4 codling, 1 flounder, 1 whiting.
3. S. Dawber, 138 cms, 3 whiting, 1 flounder, 1 codling.
Zone B
1. Shane Russell (Colwyn Bay), 230 cms, 5 whiting, 2 flounder, 2 codling.
2. S. Brennan, 228 cms, 6 flounders, 3 whiting.
3. Ian Rycroft (Isle of Man), 212 cms, 5 whiting, 3 codling.
Zone C
1. Bill Lindfield (Greasby), 480 cms, 10 whiting, 8 flounders, 1 codling.
2. Garry Reid (Isle of Man), 414 cms, 13 whiting, 1 dab.
3. J.P. Molloy, 286 cms, 7 whiting, 2 codling, 1 flounder, 1 dab.
Zone D
1. Chris Stringer (Whitley Bay),456 cms, 16 whiting.
2. M. Brookes, 434 cms, 15 whiting, 1 flounder.
3. P. Corker, 422 cms, 11 whiting, 2 dabs, 1 codling.
Fish Pool:
1. M. Emery, cod 74 cms
2. I. Reynolds, cod 58 cms.

Two Day Overall:
1. Stephen Brennan (Dublin).
2. Peter Corker (Pentre Halkyn).
3. Bill Lindfield (Greasby).
4. Michael Brookes (Birkenhead).
5. George Smith (Grimsby).
6. Simon Dawber (Orrell).

SAMF Qualifiers for 2013 Isle of Man Masters event:
Saturday: Steve Trish (Bootle) and J.P. Molloy (Clonakilty)
Sunday: Mike Emery (Onchan).


Peter Corker with his beast of a Cod


Malcolm Scullion of Bass Boots Presenting prizes to top 3 Anglers

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Re: Match Report: N.W.A.S.A.C. Two Day Open 2012

Postby Trishy » Wed Dec 12, 2012 11:43 pm

Cheers Heather, big thanks to you, Bill, and all the helpers for running a great event

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Re: Match Report: N.W.A.S.A.C. Two Day Open 2012

Postby Big Kev » Thu Dec 13, 2012 11:29 am

Good stuff and Bill certainly put Merseyside in the forefront of match angling :clap: :clap:
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Re: Match Report: N.W.A.S.A.C. Two Day Open 2012

Postby heather » Thu Dec 13, 2012 7:53 pm

Thanks Kev, Ive managed to put a couple of photo's on that post now.
Feel very proud I managed it. :love:

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Re: Match Report: N.W.A.S.A.C. Two Day Open 2012

Postby Steve Duffy » Thu Dec 13, 2012 7:59 pm

Great stuff Heather. :clap: :clap:
Thats bang out of order !

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Re: Match Report: N.W.A.S.A.C. Two Day Open 2012

Postby NIGEL C » Fri Dec 14, 2012 5:40 pm

Excellent match, well organised, all credit to Bill and Heather and helpers from the NWASAC for their efforts in making this one of the top matches in the UK.

Enjoy seeing some of the top local and UK match anglers, and catching up with the match scene.

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