Ian Golds International Match

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Ian Golds International Match

Postby Big Hitter » Fri Aug 11, 2017 6:50 am

After a long lay off I thought I'd try a rod that I hadn't seen before or was popular on the North West beaches so I opted for a pair of these.
Been using this rod for a couple of months now, mainly for casting. The rod is 13ft 4 and two equal sections.
It is a powerful rod with a lovely tip action. The rod is very well made and really slim. Bite detection is superb and it doesn't fold over in a tide run. The rod is at home casting 4-6oz leads with 5oz being the best in my opinion.
If you fancy something a bit different from what everyone else is using then these are well worth a look.
If ya see me out and ya want a chuck just ask. :dance:
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