Daiwa Supercast - Fixed Spool & Multiplier

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Daiwa Supercast - Fixed Spool & Multiplier

Postby manchesterangler » Mon May 15, 2017 12:21 pm


This is a two pronged post, one offering my thoughts upon a rod I have been using since last October and the other looking for any comments from you guys upon the other rod.

Daiwa Supercast STS 13F-AU - 13 foot fixed spool rod.

I purchased this rod in October 2016 with a purpose of using it in conjunction with mono line. My braid fishing is done using a cracking but dated rod called a Shakespeare K2 Red Metal (14 foot).
The Supercast's shorter length appealed to me for the Liverpool promenade marks as there would be less rod tip in the air and it makes it slightly easier casting upon the built up, tight in some areas not to mention very busy waterfront.

In my opinion the smaller eyes fitted along the longer continental rods are not ideally suited for casting with a fixed spool loaded with mono. No worries with the Supercast fixed spool model. There are fewer eyes whipped onto the blank and they are also slightly larger than your average conti rod. At first glance the blank looks like it is missing an eye or two and I have to say I still have my reservations, but more about that later.

The next very important thing for me on a rod is the tip and how it bends in a tide to an anchored gripper lead. The rod is rated from 4oz to 8oz and it has to be said, this is stretching its capabilities. I've fished very happily casting and fishing tides with weights up to 170 G with bait. It can cast an heavier weight, I've used 190 G quite often but unfortunately the softer tip bends to much in the stronger Mersey tides. The plus side of the softer tip is that it is more responsive when reeling in an hooked fish and bite indication is very good. However, bite indication suffers when over bent in stronger tides.

I used the rod extensively throughout the Winter fishing both braid and mono. It is an easy rod to cast with due to it being a less powerful carbon blank. I'm not the best caster in the world, yet I can regular hit the 80 to 100 metre distance without suffering any medical injuries ;). It does not hit the slightly longer casting distance I can reach with the longer conti rod but that is not why I bought it in the first place. I have to be brutally honest, most of my fishing on the Liverpool side of the Mersey is carried out between 30 metres and 60 metres anyway. There are certain fishing situations that require that extra distance but rest assured the Supercast still has the power to deliver. In a better caster's hands I'm sure this rod would be cable of 140 to 160 metre!

It's been a pleasure to use catching Whiting and has landed both Cod (up to 4lb) and a Thornback Ray at approximately 5lb. It has also cast a range of baits from size 4 flapper rigs to size 3/0 pulley rigs and it has done the business for me without letting me down.

I cannot round up this review without mentioning the number of eyes and spacing upon the carbon rod blank. In my opinion the spacing between the reel mount and first eye is perfect for mono, whilst unfortunately not so good for braid. I have experienced a couple of crack offs in mid cast as the braid has wrapped around the second eye from the the reel mount. This has never happened to me using the conti rod fitted with slightly smaller eyes and more of them spaced along the rod blank!

To summerise, a great fishing rod that is easy to use and ideal for fixed spool reels loaded with mono. It is at it's best fishing 150 to 170G leads and you will love watching the responsive tip when the Whiting come a knock, knock, knocking :).

Now then I need some advice from you guys.

I really like the Supercast blank and I'm in the process of purchasing a multiplier set up. The Supercast rods has the following within its range;
STS13F-AU (13 foot fixed spool) & STS13M-AU (13 foot multiplier) - both the same rod blank.
STS134PM-AU (13 foot power multiplier) - slightly more powerful blank, so I'm lead to believe.

My question is;

Has anybody fished with the power multiplier version and if so how powerful is the blank for casting and how does the rod tip bend in more powerful Mersey tides?

Any help would be appreciated.


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Re: Daiwa Supercast - Fixed Spool & Multiplier

Postby AndyJ » Wed May 17, 2017 10:20 pm

Hi Andrew, I have 2 Super casts, and love them, been using them for about 2 years now as my main rods.
Fished 2 WSF Winter Leagues with them at various location, bringing Dabs, whiting, Codling, Thornback Ray, all sorts really.
Easy rods to load when casting, and I'm not a massive caster, but get good distances with these rods. Good When dragging a massive weed ball in too...
The new Supercast rods have a sliding reel seat, which could be an advantage, so all in all, a good fishing rod.
If I was looking for a new rod, I would go for a Supercast, no problem, or even the top end Daiwa Tournament Surf....

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