December Fish n Meet

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December Fish n Meet

Postby chriswsf » Mon Dec 06, 2010 11:15 am

Report By Big Kev - Copied from main topic for ease

The weather was a bit grim when we got there with light rain but at least it was calm again.....Jaygo was first in position
Ian B joined us too....
Joe`s casting paid off as he was able to get to the channel early and had a nice codling @2 1/2lb
Ian avoided a blank with one of the few dabs to show today....
As the tide ebbed i decided to try the beach from around the corner of the radar...
Once it was clear it was a safe passage,i was joined by Jay...
I was soon into a small codling...
The ground was a bit snaggy...felt like we were pulling up banks of mud/mussel beds....i had a better fish on but got caught in a snag halfway in and lost the lot :evil: The same script for the other lads further along...the channel has changed with some parts being snaggy but i suppose the codling like those features.
Joe took another 2lb codling,John had one 3/4lb and Cliff had a dab......the fishing was hardly electric but i still feel the low will produce some good fish if you hit it right.
We moved on to Hall Rd after a nice warming keeeeebab and myself,Steve and Edgar started early on the beach.....nothing doing until we cast out over the final gulley and walked back....myself and Edgars lines had crossed and we were tangled on the line snapped close in so it was left to Edgar to drag everything home...quite a clump of weed plus my rig with a nice coddo of 2-9-0 :lol:
Fish and chips for Chris :D
It was very quiet from then on....lots of anglers all along the prom but no signs of fish. Not the best returns but a good day out with the lads....we`ll get a nice day session for the next meet :love:

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Re: December Fish n Meet

Postby prawnster » Mon Dec 06, 2010 11:31 am

Nice one chaps... very nearly joined you for the afternoon sesh at Crosby but as I was loading the car it was pssing down so I decided that an afternoon in front of the telly was far more appealing :lol: :lol: :lol:
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Re: December Fish n Meet

Postby Richie Fisher » Mon Dec 06, 2010 12:20 pm

Big fat blanko for me :roll: Very enjoyable day though. Thanks Kev for organising it :clap: Well done Joe on the coddo's. Oh, did I mention how good the keebabs were? :drool: :drool:
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Re: December Fish n Meet

Postby alf - big al » Mon Dec 06, 2010 12:36 pm

well done all, great report and pics
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Re: December Fish n Meet

Postby Ozzie » Mon Dec 06, 2010 12:42 pm

Great report as expected maybe not as many fish as you all wished for but a least most of you caught

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Re: December Fish n Meet

Postby FishingFreakJack » Mon Dec 06, 2010 5:11 pm

Nice :0:

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Re: December Fish n Meet

Postby bigdave » Mon Dec 06, 2010 7:07 pm

nice one plums :D
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Re: December Fish n Meet

Postby cliffi57 » Tue Dec 07, 2010 8:04 pm

nice report kev :thumbsup: me and ray ended up with two dabs each.great day out .can't wait for the next meet.

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