North Wales. Tope. Hunt. 29/06/19.

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Re: North Wales. Tope. Hunt. 29/06/19.

Postby wobbler72 » Sun Jul 21, 2019 7:58 pm

Interesting vid.

I had around 50 from the shore before I got my boat and I know that mark pretty well. Hope you don’t mind me sharing notes.

Totally agree on the pulley Pennel with a good circle hook for Pennel (I used to use 8/0 VMC Tournament circles myself. I still do from the boat).

You’re working far harder than I ever did with the rest. I just used 200lb mono for the hook length, crimped if I was tying them at home. Tied with a 3 and 2 turn Grinner if I was on the rocks or beach. I used 80lb rig body to an extra-long length of 80lb leader (so you can get a few turns of leader onto your reel from your rocky perch before landing the fish). I never got bitten off, had a knot fail or had the skin wear through the rig body / leader.

I never exposed the hook point on the bottom hook for two reasons: firstly because I didn’t want it to hook the fish (might seem strange, but the circle hook will give you a far more reliable hook-hold if it’s left to do its job); and secondly, it made it less likely to snag. Also, I always used a rotten bottom system. You’d be surprised how many rigs I got back.

Having said all that, if I were going these days, I’d probably just take a handful of 8oz grip leads with heavy duty wires and a couple of live bait slider rigs. Much easier and more selective imho (although you do also get the odd Huss). I actually think it has a better success rate too. Just watch out for seals ;)

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Re: North Wales. Tope. Hunt. 29/06/19.

Postby starfish » Tue Jul 23, 2019 11:17 pm

no problems mate i am always learning and happy for any help. :thumbsup:

Yep i use the 8/0 j hook just to clip the hook into the splash down clip really
the full circles are just to thick and will not fit in the gap in the clip,
and the genie splashdown clip is the best option for a pennel rig and big whole mac baits etc
as most baits are over the 7 to 8 oz leads i use and they pop out the other types of bait clip like imps etc that i have tried
but the slash down clips lock them in place very nicely.

Also tried running ledger rigs that i use for conger and huss etc so the bait is nailed to the sea bed
but the whole rig is just to short for the topes body in case of a tail wrap
and the pennel is larger so better for tope.

Rotten bottom depends on the venue
i just add an upside down lead clip and 15lb mono when needed
but that particular venue definitely yes. :lol: :lol: :thumbsup:

Totally agree the full circle is the hook that hooks the tope. :thumbsup:
the American fishing wire 49 strand is ace mate totaly knotable to and also a lot thinner than 80lb mono
and it grips and holds the circle hook in place very well the 90lb or 175lb wire seem to be the best stuff.

I have just done 100lb mono straight through to the 49 strand wire with no problems
but i have added the 200 lb mono so i can grab the line also and net the fish with a bit more confidence
i lost one last winter when the 80lb line got wrapped around the tail and snapped off
so i will stick with the 100lb seems a lot safer and a bit of extra protection from rubbing on rocks etc. :thumbsup:

The little slip knot also doubles the line strength as you pass through the hook or swivel etc two times
so you have a better knot less prone to snapping off and less pressure on the crimp
and it is just easier to crimp it to keep the loop in place also.

Piotreck... i will do some more vids very soon. :thumbsup: but as for the locations i go too and there are a fair few
it is much more fun finding them for yourself. :thumbsup: but the packs dont hang around in one spot for too long time and effort is the key
:lol: but gear and how to etc no problems and hopefully will get a few on film. :thumbsup:

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