All about the Glory - Club Match Fishing

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All about the Glory - Club Match Fishing

Postby manchesterangler » Mon May 29, 2017 10:31 am

The 2017 Buccaneers Sea Angling Club's annual away day match assembled a small but diverse blend of anglers. A collective tone of accents gathered on the Princes Way Promenade in between Cleveley's and Bispham on the Fylde coast. From the north; we have the Barrow quartet. There were representatives from either side of the Mersey, two from the Wirral and one from the clubs host city, Liverpool. Then last but not least myself, a land lubber who resides in the suburbs of Greater Manchester where the only fishing bait available are maggots and coarse fish pellets.

Most of the other club anglers had fished along this stretch of beach in previous 'Away Day' matches. Unfortunately my memories are from when I first had a go at sea fishing and as you can appreciate I blanked more times than I actually caught fish. Therefore fishing this match on a midday high water along a busy bank holiday promenade didn't fill me full of confidence. My thanks go out to a couple of anglers off the angling addicts forum and the guys at Bispham Angling Centre for sharing their pearls of wisdom. I was now ready to give it my best shot, armed with top quality fresh bait and a match plan it was time to rock and roll.

A quick tip for any budding match anglers out there, remember to take time amongst all of your match preparation to read the match details including important things like meeting place, rules and format - more on that subject later! For anybody who has not driven south of Cleveley's along the new promenade road for close on ten years, things look a little different nowadays. The meeting point was not where I thought it was and I ended up late. I was told I had the last peg left in the bag and was duly offered a bacon barn courtesy of Derek our club champion, no end to his talents! Taking a look at the beach was the last thing on my mind when the smell of bacon cooking reached my nostrils. A quick hello and catch up chat was had, I've not seen any of these guys since my last Winter League match back in January on the Mersey.

The new promenade looked impressive, it must have cost a fortune to build. Don't worry the powers that be had a business plan. A personal favourite of mine; Pay & Display Parking! This brought an added edge to my match, because there was no way I was parting with £7 to park for over four hours!

The match length lined up like this.

Peg 1: John (3rd in 2016 Winter League, one of the Barrow Quartet)

Peg 2: Derek (2106 Winter League Champion, chauffer of the Barrow Quartet)

Peg 3: Mike (Assistant Beach Captain)

Peg 4: Frank (The Barrow Quartets mascot)

Peg 5: Keith (One of the Barrow Quartets)

Peg 6: Chris (Liverpool's hopeful)

Peg 7: Derek (2nd in 2016 Winter League and the beach captain we all moan at for going to all that trouble of organising matches on carp tides or venues)

Peg 8: Yours truly, Andy (The young pretender, lowering the average age of the competitors)


Fortunately parking was directly behind where I was fishing, my gear was out in no time and I was soon having a look at the lay of land in front of me. There was a narrow but deep gully running parallel along the sea defence wall. Beyond this was a gradual incline to a wide sand bar that seem to be used by work vehicles judging by the tyre tracks that were running along it. Either side of this sand bar were conveniently placed four foot marker poles, indicating a safe route for vehicles. I've got to say at this point I really didn't fancy it at all. An eighty metre plus cast was required to clear the top of the sand bar, something the moderate SE wind blowing slightly over our shoulders would thankfully assist with.


I decided to set my stall up for attracting as many bites as possible by fishing small baits on size 4 & 2 hooks and light 15lb snoods. My rigs consisted of a clipped two hook loop rig for casting at distance and a homemade Urfe style rig for the deep gulley 20 metres out.

The bait cool bag had a delicious buffet of 10 x fresh black lugworm, 8 x small fresh peeler crabs, 2 x fillets of Bluey and 1 x unwashed squid. Not a tremendous amount of bait for fishing on two rods considering I would be re-baiting every fifteen minutes. I intended on offering nibbles rather than mouthfuls.

I was caught out by the all in, with multitasking in baiting rigs watching the flooding tide and keeping an eye open for the car parking attendant. The distance rod launched a rig to the desired spot beyond the top of the sand bar. It fished unsupervised for the first ten minutes whilst I set sorted myself out and cast the Urfe rig into the gulley just past the sea wall. Fifteen minutes came and went, baits were changed and rigs sent seaward again. Twenty minutes into the match and not a sign of bite never mind a fish from anyone. You can imagine the feeling I had whilst retrieving my second cast when I felt the slightest of nods on my rod. I have got to admit, I didn't see a bite. But who cares when you have caught the first fish of the match and avoided the dreaded blank. The small but perfectly formed 18cm Flounder opened up my score card. This fish was shortly followed by its marginally larger sibling of 19cm caught from the deep gully.

It was at this point that the Brian, our beach captain burst my little match bubble. Here was I, fishing a match plan based upon total length when the he quipped 'All you need now is a round fish to go with these flat fish'. Pardon, was my response. Do you not read the match rules I post on our forum! Doh, must pay attention to these small details in future.

To make matters worse, on the hour Brian caught a 27cm Bass on a large worm bait presented in the gulley.


I had to gather my thoughts quickly. The match plan and more importantly my bait supply was based upon fishing small baits, therefore changing to larger whole worm baits or doubling up on small peeler crabs had to be calculated carefully as to not run out of bait. The guys at Bispham Angling had told me that it was mainly Flounder, small Bass and odd Gurnard and Whiting being caught from the beach where we were fishing. So with this in mind I continued with my original plan in hope of catching a Gurnard or Whiting on the rig fished at distance past the sand bar.

Had I made the right call? Only time would tell. I had a delicate enquiry on the distance rod, then nothing. Rather than leave the rig, I decided to wind into it and set a hook into hopefully something fishy. A solid nod (I like directness braid provides between fish and rod tip) acknowledged that I had hooked something slightly larger than my previous fish. A nervous few seconds followed as all I could feel was the lead bumping over the sand bar whilst reeling in the braid. Once the lead had cleared the sand bar a reassuring nod brought a smile to my face. The fish was carefully brought to the sea defence before a bottom twitching winch over the large concrete sills that make up the structure of the wall. A lovely, perfectly round fish in the form of a 26cm Tub Gurnard was added to my score card.


The fishing went very quiet over high water until Brian gleefully swung in a large Dab caught on a big bait at distance on a Pennell Rig. He had a smile from ear to ear as we measured this monster 27cm Dab.


The fishing had been rock hard for all anglers on the match and just after half way through there were still two of the Barrow quartet without a bite to their name.

The match was nicely balanced; John on peg 1 had a small Bass at 30cm.


Meanwhile, Mike on peg 3 had caught 3 x Flounder, the largest of which measured 31cm,

Further along Keith on peg 5 had a Flounder @ 24cm.

Next with fish was Brian on peg 7 with a Bass & Dab length of 54cm and myself on peg 8 with a Gurnard & Flounder length of 45cm. It was all to fish for!

With 1.5 hours remaining I had enough bait to fish larger baits. Therefore hooks were upped to size 1's and a whole black lugworm's tipped with a tiny piece of Bluey were now on offer to hopefully tempt a 30cm Flounder or Bass. The change of tactics brought an instant response from a larger 23cm Flounder on the Urfe Rig. This fish had increased my total length to 49cm, but much to Brian's relief it was close but no cigar!

Brian had a nervous wait as both of our fishing fortunes seemed to be ebbing with the tide. Meanwhile at the other end of the match length, Derek on peg 2 had caught a 27cm Bass and Mike on peg 3 had increased his fish tally to 5 x Flounder but needed to find a round fish. It had been a challenging match with fish hard to come by, but as things were it made for a close match making things very interesting in the final stages.

All anglers eyes were fully focused upon rod tips in hope that the angling gods would smile on them. Well almost all anglers, there was one particular angler who had been doing an impression of a Meerkat throughout the match. Would fortune favour the brave, the maverick who refuses to pay the outrageous pay and display parking fees. A high viz jacket in the distance walking in between cars sent a wave of panic into our match angling maverick. Pound coins were scooped up with the precision of an Olympic baton exchange in a relay race. I leaped up the promenade steps with the grace of a gazelle as the meter machine came within reach. One last glance at the moving hi viz coat in the distance brought the dash to an abrupt stop. It was indeed a public servant going his duty, but much to my relief working within the Environmental Department clearing rubbish. I'm sure I seen a wry smile from our beach captain on the next peg, who being a law abiding citizen had duly paid the car parking fee.

The match ended without any further excitement from fish or parking attendants. The match angling maverick had claimed a small victory over the car parking cartels. It was back to the meeting point whilst the match cards were gathered and the 'Away Day' results were scrutinised.

Brian prevailed in this challenging match with his Bass and Dab total length of 54cm. It just goes to show that the sea angling gods bless the law abiding, car park paying citzen.

Congratulations Brian, earning the glory and the 2017 'Away Day' Winner.


I was runner up with a Tub Gurnard and Flounder total length of 49cm. Proving it is not big or clever to avoid the pay and display charges. How much time did i lose during the match looking out for car parking attendants!

In third place was Mike on peg 3. He may have caught the longest total length of fish but unfortunately could not find a round fish to go with the largest of his Flounders at 31cm.

A close fourth was John on peg 1 with a solitary Bass at 30cm.

In fifth place was Derek on peg 2, again with a small Bass at 27cm.

To summarise, it was always going to be a hard match. Fishing a midday high water on a shallow beach at the end of May in bright sunshine was never going to deliver superb sport. However, it was a venue that was accessible for all members and one that provided a close match which could have been won by anyone.

The second round of the Summer League takes place in three weeks time on the Dee at Connah's Quay. There should be plenty of large Flounders to be caught but catching a round fish from this venue could prove to be very challenging. Eels and Dogfish don't count as round fish so all hopes are probably pinned upon a small Bass or tourist Cod / Whiting.


Until next time, enjoy your fishing be it match or pleasure.

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Re: All about the Glory - Club Match Fishing

Postby Brian900 » Mon May 29, 2017 10:36 am

Great report and pictures
:clap: :clap: :clap: :clap:

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Re: All about the Glory - Club Match Fishing

Postby GAZZ3R » Mon May 29, 2017 5:55 pm

Crackin report and pics, Very well done on the win Brian :thumbsup:
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Re: All about the Glory - Club Match Fishing

Postby iank » Mon May 29, 2017 6:37 pm

Interesting read and a nice variety of fish. Nice one and well done Brian :clap: :clap:

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Re: All about the Glory - Club Match Fishing

Postby Willpower » Tue May 30, 2017 6:03 am

Well done to both yourself and Brian. Excellent report.

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Re: All about the Glory - Club Match Fishing

Postby Brian L » Tue May 30, 2017 8:21 am

Nice read and well done on the parking front - the parking fee regime has cocked it up for anglers.

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Re: All about the Glory - Club Match Fishing

Postby tatch1 » Tue May 30, 2017 7:25 pm

Excellent report & photos :thumbsup: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap:

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Re: All about the Glory - Club Match Fishing

Postby roy.s » Tue May 30, 2017 7:37 pm

A very comprehensive and interesting report, a good read. :thumbsup:
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Re: All about the Glory - Club Match Fishing

Postby GRAY70 » Thu Jun 01, 2017 5:08 pm

Good report and well done on the win Brian :clap:

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Re: All about the Glory - Club Match Fishing

Postby Steve Duffy » Thu Jun 01, 2017 5:45 pm

Superb. :clap: :clap:
Thats bang out of order !

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Re: All about the Glory - Club Match Fishing

Postby Maerig the hunter » Sun Jun 04, 2017 8:56 pm

Crackin tale :clap: :clap: :clap: hard luck on 2nd place :thumbsup:
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