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Llyen Peninsula----Port Waterloo,Caernarfon (Low water mark)

Posted: Wed Apr 09, 2008 1:31 pm
by Big Kev
This stretch of beach is popular with anglers hunting winter codling.The sloping shingle is covered with boulders which are packed with crab/shellfish attracting a wide range of fish
Rough ground gives way to sandbanks further out and good flounder and plaice can be caught on big tides,while codling are taken on winter night sessions.Parking can be a problem,as it is a residential area,so make sure you don`t block anyone`s access.
Tackle/Bait....Rag/crab work well on 2 hook rigs.Long casts often produce better results.Expect whiting on mackeral/lug baits from September onwards.
In summer large bass are occassionally caught as they make their way up the Straits.Try fishing 2 hours down and 2/3 hours of the flood.
How To Get There.......Follow the A487 to Caernarfon,and Waterloo Port is signposted on the right before you reach the Safeway supermarket