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Merseyside....Columbus Quay

Posted: Thu Dec 10, 2015 5:22 pm
by Big Kev
This stretch of prom is further up the river from Mariners,and you can expect similar catches of whiting n codling during winter,and rays during spring/summer.
There is free parking by the funnels at the end of the flats...
You will also find more free parking on the opposite side of the road,just 150yds further on towards the Britannia pub.
The left end of the prom has broken ground which can be preferred by the codling,though you will expect to lose a rig or two...
The rest of the railed prom has clean ground....
As with most of the Otterspool/Mariners Wharf stretches,the codling are often caught within 50yds on the usual baits/rigs,with the early flood being productive....the rays seem to prefer squid baits,though mack,sandeel,bluey,crab will all work well,and the 90 mins either side of high water being the best period.
Neap to mid range tides are the best/easiest to fish given the strong tidal pull...mid range to spring tides are still fishable,though the pull and weed can make life difficult
As ever you must show respect to the residents by being quiet during very early/late night sessions and please take your litter as it`s a very popular stretch with walkers e.t.c,and any bad publicity could endanger access.
N.B There was a notice on the railings stating "no fishing" by order of the Canals and rivers trust....having spoken to them i can assure you they have no reason to be there.
The parking is in between the Britannia Pub on Riverside Drive... L3 4AZ and the Chung Ku restaurant is at the right end of the stretch...L3 4DB