Winter League 2006 - Announcement/Rules

Dates/Venues/related information for the 2006/2007 WSF Winter league
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Winter League 2006 - Announcement/Rules

Postby chriswsf » Thu Aug 03, 2006 5:04 pm

This year the Wirral Sea Fishing winter leagues takes on a new dimension, gone are the days that you need the best bait or the best local knowledge of the venue, this year the Ethos is on meeting to fish. Lots of anglers have taken part in the league over the last few years and we have noticed that this has become more of a social event rather than a series of match’s, the venues and dates will remain the same, however the league will be FREE to enter and there will be no need to open the venues right up, so it can be kept nice and tight, this will allow anglers to fish as well as chat, there will still be a small element of competition both on the day as well as throughout the series of events.
Each date will have an optional £2.00 pool that will be shared on the day between the heaviest flat and round fish, we will still have a weigh in and those weighing in will be issued with points from 10 down to 1, the rule of 2 fish to the weigh in will remain and thanks to our sponsors at Moreton Angling Centre the winner will receive the Winter Shield as well as a tackle prize and overall 2nd and 3rd will also receive tackle prizes.
We feel that this will bring a very friendly atmosphere to the events and will allow anglers to meet each other and share tips as we have removed most of the competition element.


1. Only 1 rod to be used at any time (spare can be set up but it must have no line threaded through the eyes or end tackle attached
2. No bait restrictions
3. Max 2 hooks
4. Spare traces can be set up
5. 2 fish only to the weigh in (1 flat and/or 1 round)
6. All fish to be kept by the organisers until after the weigh in has finished
7. Organisers decision is final
8. Overall League is free to enter, with optional pool on the day
9. No walking off until 30 mins before start time
10.Entries for the pairs comp will close 40 mins before match time
11.Any angler leaving litter will be disqualified
12.Fish such as dogs/rays e.t.c can be weighed by one of the organisers and returned
**** Anyone seen driving or parking on the prom for the Seacombe/Vale Park matches will be refused entry/disqualified without exception****

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Postby Big Kev » Mon Sep 18, 2006 5:42 pm

We use the Welsh Federation size limits for our matches.....
These as agreed at last years AGM.
Angler Fish 4.535 kgs
Bass 45
Black Bream 23
Red Bream 21
Gilthead Bream 21
Pandora Bream 21
Brill 31
Bull Huss 77
Coalfish 36
Cod 36
Dab 23
LS Dogfish 45
Eel Conger 77
Eel Silver 38
Flounder 25
Garfish 31
Gurnard Grey 18
Gurnard Red 25
Gurnard Tub 25
Haddock 31
Hake 31
Herring 20
John Dory 25
Ling 63
Mackerel 31
Monkfish 5.443 kgs
Mullet G. Grey 20
Mullet Thick Lipped 31
Mullet Red 18
Plaice 27
Pollack 36
Pouting 20
Ray Blonde 2.267 kgs
Ray Cuckoo 0.907 kgs
Ray SmallEyed 2.267 kgs
Ray Spotted 0.907 kgs
Ray Thornback 2.267 kgs (rounded to 5lb)
Rockling 3 B 23
Rockling 5 B 16
S. Eel Greater 23
Scad 23
S S Sea Scorp. 23
Shark Blue 9.071 kgs
Shark Porbeagle 13.607 kgs
Smoothound C. 77
Smoothound S. 77
Spurdog 61
Sole Dover 25
Tadpole Fish 18
Tope 9.071 kgs
Trigger Fish 25
Turbot 38
Weever Greater 25
Whiting 28
Wrasse Ballan 31
Wrasse Cuckoo 18
**Weevers Don`t Count**
Species 2018...Dab...Whiting...Cod...bass...dogfish...flounder...plaice...thornback ray...smoothound ...turbot...small eyed ray

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