River Barrow coming into season.

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River Barrow coming into season.

Postby An Irish Angler » Mon Jan 28, 2013 10:18 am

For those of you considering a coarse fishing holiday in Ireland. The River Barrow from January until early June is well worth a visit. Base yourself in the vicinity of Carlow town (an hour and a half from Dublin Port) and you will have access to good (wild and natural, not managed) coarse fishing for roach, dace to specimen weight, hybrid, rudd, perch to specimen weight, bream and shad at St Mullins from mid April, and pike in the back waters. Add in trout and it's quite the spring and early summer fishery, click on http://www.anirishanglersworld.com/inde ... rrow-boys/.

Bring pole, whip, feeder, float, and lure fishing gear (both light for the perch and heavy for the pike).

If you want help regarding pointers to accommodation, tackle shops, bait, fishing locations, just drop me a line through the site www.anirishanglersworld.com.

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