WSF Summer League 2017 Rules

A series of total length matches ran by Adam Roper open to all site members where you can widen your species and venue knowledge as well as learning lots too.

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WSF Summer League 2017 Rules

Postby Adam Roper » Tue Feb 21, 2017 4:23 pm

The WSF Summer League is again sponsored by Prescot Angling, the local tackle shop for all your angling needs. Many thanks again to Ken for his continued support.

The WSF Summer League will this year be a series of 10 matches with the best 7 to count to allow for holidays and people missing the odd one etc and still being in with a chance of winning the league. Obviously fishing all of them increases your chances but only each anglers best 7 results will count at the end of the league.

The league will be covering a variety of species and venues throughout the Spring and Summer. We will be using a measure and release format, with anything 20cm and over to qualify and there will be a specified target species in each match which is worth double the length.

In order to qualify to take part, you must be a regular poster on the forum, submit regular reports on the front page, or regularly fish or bait collect etc with other site members.

If you wish to register yourself or anyone else for this years WSF Summer League then please post your names in the registration thread.

There will also be blow off venues used if required dependent on weather and conditions nearer the time of the matches. In this event notification will be given in the days leading up to the match through a post in the match preview threads.


We are again using a measure and release format for the WSF Summer League.

All fish from the list below to count with a minimum qualifying length of 20cm.

Bull Huss
Coal Fish
Conger eel
Dogfish (all count as 40cm)
Tub/Red Gurnard
Mackerel (all count as 30cm)

As stated each match has a designated "target species" and for each of those fish you catch, your score will be doubled. For example, the target species for the first match is Flounder, so if you catch a 30cm Flounder then you will be awarded 60cm.

1. Only 1 rod to be used at any time, however a second rod can be set up
2. No bait restrictions
3. Max 2 hooks (Pennels count as 2 hooks)
4.Spinning/plugging is allowed (most spinners/plugs have one or two treble hooks attached, which will be allowed as long as they are not also baited, hokkais and feather rigs are allowed but only with a maximum of 2 hooks.
5. Spare traces can be set up
6. No walking off until 30 minutes before start time
7. Organisers decision is final
8.Any angler leaving litter will be disqualified
9.A maximum of 2 mackeral per angler to be recorded in any one match
10. Pendulum casting is allowed
11.Appropriate shockleader must be used
12.Accompanied juniors are welcome, but they must cast for themselves
13. Dogfish or Mackerel do not count in the Specimen Fish pool.
14. High water matches will be Pegged matches.
15. Low water matches will be rover matches.

While we want to keep the league as informal as possible, the rules must be adhered to, and as such, I will have no hesitation in disqualifying anyone who breaks them.

The winner (angler with the longest length) in each match will be awarded 10pts,with the second being awarded 9pts etc down to 1pt for 10th place.

All anglers will also receive 1 point for each match they fish.

To allow for holidays, each anglers 7 best scores from the 10 matches will count. Therefore if you fish all 10 matches then you can drop your worst three scores from the final standings.

The angler with the highest total of points after all 10 matches have been fished will be the WSF/BLAS Summer League 2017 winner and will receive the trophy.

In the event of a tie then total length will be the deciding factor.

There will also be a trophy awarded for the best 'Specimen fish' caught during this Summers league. As we are fishing for different species we will be using the SAMF length to points conversion chart which allows fish of different species to be graded fairly against each other and there is an associated number of points awarded to each species depending on their length. For example, a 40cm Dab would be a better specimen fish than a 45cm Codling but is smaller in terms of length. However there would be more points awarded to the Dab. The only exception to the points stated on the chart will be Smooth Hounds. The zero will be knocked off and then 10 points added to fish up to 100cm and 15 points added to fish over 100cm. The person who catches the best specimen, worth the highest number of points will be awarded the Specimen trophy.

The link to the chart is here ... 0table.pdf

Each match is an individual open in it`s own right, so if you only want to fish 1 or 2 matches you can but obviously you will not have a chance to win the overall league.

The match entry fee will stay at £6 with a 100% pay out for 1st, 2nd and 3rd total length, so everyone has a chance of winning a few beer tokens.

There will also be an optional specimen fish pool of £1, with 100% payout for the best specimen fish caught in each match. (This will be payed out for the actual length of the fish. For example, if you catch a 40cm bass in the Flounder match, yet someone catches a 30cm Flounder that is worth 60cm in the match, the bass would still win the longest fish pool.)

Anyone not registered or who does'nt want to fish the matches,is more than welcome to come along and fish with us.

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