WSF Winter League 2016 - Rules

A series of matches run in a league format for "active site members" only, offering laid back introduction to match fishing.
Prescot Angling is kindly sponsoring this years league.

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WSF Winter League 2016 - Rules

Postby Adam Roper » Mon Sep 12, 2016 4:57 pm

WSF Winter League 2016 is sponsored by Prescot Angling 0151-426-5011


We are using the measure and release format as in previous league matches, whereby only a maximum of 2 fish per angler, can be recorded, 1 flat and/or 1 round, this gives everyone a good chance of success.

While we want to keep the league as informal as possible, the rules must be adhered to, and as such I will have no hesitation in disqualifying anyone who breaks them.

1. Only 1 rod to be used at any time (spare can be set up but it must have no line threaded through the eyes or end tackle attached)
2. No bait restrictions
3. Max 3 hooks (Pennels count as 2 hooks, no trebles allowed)
4. Spare traces can be set up
5. 2 fish only to be recorded (1 flat and/or 1 round)
6. All fish to be witnessed/signed by another angler
7. Organisers decision is final
8. No walking off until 30 mins before start time
9.Any angler leaving litter will be disqualified
10.All dogfish will be awarded 40cm
11.Rays will be measured across the wingspan
12.Pendulum casting allowed on beaches.
13.Appropriate shockleader must be used
14.Accompanied juniors are welcome,but they must cast for themselves
15.In the event of a tie for overall league positions on points,the overall length from all matches will be the deciding factor

Anyone seen driving or parking on the prom for the Seacombe/Vale Park matches will be refused entry/disqualified without exception.

The winner (angler with the longest total length) in each match will be awarded 10pts, with the second being awarded 9pts etc down to 1pt for 10th place.

All anglers will also receive 1 point for each match they fish.

The angler with the highest total of points after all 8 matches will be declared the WSF Winter league winner and will receive the trophy.

A further trophy will be awarded to the angler who catches the longest cod during the league.

Each match is an individual open in it`s own right, so if you only want to fish one or two matches, you can but obviously you will not have a chance to win the overall league.
There will be a small entry fee of £6 per match with a 100% pay out for 1st,2nd and 3rd in each match.

There is also a £1 optional pool for the longest fish caught on the day.

For those who are not familiar with the winter league matches, we try to give every angler the chance of winning, by only allowing a maximum of 2 fish to be recorded, 1 flat and /or 1 round fish, with the total length from those to count.

Ken Dunne aka Prescot Angling has kindly offered to sponsor the league by putting up the trophies

WSF Winter League 2016 -Minimum Fish Size 25cm

Only fish from the following list will count

Conger eel
Skate / Ray

Weevers/Silver eels Do NOT Count.
2017 Species

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