NWASAC Pm's round 8 match results

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NWASAC Pm's round 8 match results

Postby heather » Sun Oct 05, 2008 2:52 pm

Match Report: 8th Round of N.W.A.S.A.C. Personal Members Championship 2008, Sun 28.9.08, Vale Park Bank, Wallasey (26 rods).

In perfect conditions , over low tide into dusk, the well known low water bank in the Mersey estuary produced some bumper catches with a variety of species on offer- small whiting dominated catches in this two hook, length to weight event.
Mersey specialist and former champion,John Waugh’s end peg was at the less productive end of the venue but a first cast thornback gave him a head start over the rest of the field and an eel, a good flounder and a selection of quality dabs sealedthe win over fellow Wallasey angler, John Baguley. Eastham’s Ian Griffiths drew the golden peg but finished third so that the fund of over £600 rolls over to the next match on October 25th at Colwyn Bay.
Mike Parker landed a huge flounder of 880gms to easily win the flatfish pool.

Results: John Waugh (Wallasey), 6 dabs, thornback ray, flounder, eel, whiting 4090 gms. (pictured)
2. John Baguley (Wallasey), 15 dabs, 4 whiting, 3390 gms.
3. Ian Griffiths (Eastham), 10 whiting,3 dabs, 2 codling, dogfish, 2580 gms.
4. Paul Bonnner (West Kirby), 2520 gms.
5. Bill Lindfield (Greasby), 2500 gms.
6. Michael Brookes (Birkenhead), 2260 gms

Roundfish pool:
J. Waugh- Thornback, 1850 gms
Flatfish Pool:
Mike Parker (Wallasey), flounder, 880 gms.

Series after 8 rounds
Jamie Pickup (Wallasey) 133
Ian Brookes (Birkenhead 126
J Waugh 122
B. Lindfield 119
M. Brookes 116
Wayne McGilloway (Greenfield) 98

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