Rock channel 29.06.08 results

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Rock channel 29.06.08 results

Postby heather » Mon Jun 30, 2008 9:43 am

Bill and I set off on a fine warm morning, to what hopefully would be a good turnout and match, although we knew of quite a few who had other matches to attend
We were not disappointed as 35 guy’s, ‘and me’, turned up in fine spirits, eager to fish this very popular low water venue.
Dabs at distance were the target with a few plaice, flounder and Gurnard for those fishing in the margins.
However the unexpected often happens (that’s fishing) as John McKiddie pulled in a 5.440kg Smoothound on his 1st cast followed by Bill Lindfield with one of 4.820kg followed by another of 4.220kg on his 2nd cast and with the 13 Dabs to go with them put Bill in 1st place but was followed hotly by Morecambe angler David Hutchinson with 2 smoothounds and 11 Dabs.
This part of the Rock Channel has never produced Smoothounds before and gave us all something to reflect on whilst I worked out the results.
I would like to thank everyone for the raffle, Phil House and those lovely bronzed legs for pegging the venue, Ian and Michael Brookes for running a fish pool and selling tickets also to everyone attending especially Paul Short who had travelled over from the east coast.

Fished to C/R Weight Conversion

1st, Bill Lindfield 11.750kg. 2 hounds, 13 Dabs
2nd, David Hutchinson 10.900kg 2hounds, 10 dabs 1 whiting.
3rd, John Waugh 7.570kg 1 hound, 7 dab, 4 Flounder 1 plaice.

Zone a, Sir James Kelly. 3.990kg 1 hound, 4 dabs
Zone b, John McKiddie 5.520kg 1 hound, 1 Dab
Zone c, Paul Short 5.950kg 1 hound, 5 Dab, 1 Plaice
Zone d, Jamie Pickup 2.180kg 9 Dab, 1 flounder

Biggest round John McKiddie 5.440kg Smoothound
Biggest flat, John Waugh 0.640kg Flounder

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Postby Steve Duffy » Mon Jun 30, 2008 11:29 am

Good days fishing Heather. 8)
Thats bang out of order !

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