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BLAS constitution

Postby John Petersen » Thu Aug 19, 2010 5:39 pm

Blackpool & Layton Angling Society

1) This Society be called; Blackpool & Layton Angling Society

2) The Office shall be the address of the current Secretary

3) Subscriptions to be recommended by the Treasurer by the 31st of December

4) Only fully paid up members can vote or voice their opinion at an Annual General Meeting or Extra Ordinary General Meeting

5) That the financial year be: 1st January until 31st of December and the Fishing & Membership year be the same

6) Members have up to the Annual General Meeting to renew their membership. After that date, anyone wishing to rejoin will have to pay the additional joining fee

7) All officials of the Society be elected on for a three year period

8 ) The meeting place shall be the: Cliffs Hotel, Queens Promenade Blackpool, where members shall meet to discuss any matters arising with the Society. Dates and times to be published in the newsletter

9) A register of attendance to be kept by the Secretary of all members present at General meetings and Committee meetings. Should any Committee member miss three consecutive meetings (General or Committee) without good reason, they will be deemed to no longer be on the Committee and their position will be filled by another member

10) There is to be an Executive working committee, which will consist of Chairman, Treasurer, Secretary, Sea and Freshwater Captains who have the power to make decisions without having to wait for a full committee meeting.

11) The Committee shall meet as and when needed to discuss matters and to deal with any disputes within the Society. Any member of the Committee can ask the Secretary to arrange a meeting

12) Two Auditors to be elected annually

13) Life membership shall only be awarded to members who have completed 25 years unbroken membership to the Society

14) All life members will be required to attend a minimum of one General meeting or one match (Sea or Freshwater) annually to be eligible to receive the newsletter, failure to do so will require the said member to re-apply for their life membership at a general meeting

15) Only members who have been a member of the Society for a minimum of twelve months are eligible for a position on the committee, except at the discretion of the Chairman and by consent at a meeting

16) That any Extra Ordinary Meeting, for which a minimum of 14 days notice has been given to all members, shall have the same powers as an Annual General Meeting

17) Any proposed rule changes, amendments or nominations must be to the Secretary, proposed and seconded by fully paid up members, in writing, not less than 14 days prior to an Annual General Meeting or Extra Ordinary General Meeting

18) Any decision taken by the Committee (Executive or Full) shall be final and binding on all matters, except those that effect changes to the Constitution

19) The Committee have the right to refuse or revoke membership to any person who it feels is unfit to hold a membership card on the grounds of; unreasonable behaviour, breaking of the Societies rules, or anyone who has brought the Society into disrepute, or, anyone who it feels will be a disruptive influence in the Society

20) Should three or more members stand for a position on the Committee, then, the person with the most votes shall be accepted onto the Committee. In the event of a draw then the Chairman will have the casting vote

21) No member to hold more than two posts on the Committee

22) The Chairman, Treasurer and Secretary positions must be held by three individual members

23) The election of Committee members shall be by proposal and seconded by members of the Society and then by the voting for or against by members at a meeting. If a draw, then the Chairman shall have the Casting vote

24) Any Committee member has the power to suspend any member(s) who misconduct’s themselves in any way. The said member (s) will be requested to attend a Committee meeting, where their case will be discussed. If said member(s) refuses or does not turn up at the allotted time, then the Committee will deal with them in their absence

25) None of the Societies assets are to be sold for any reason unless agreement is reached at an Annual General Meeting or Extra Ordinary General Meeting and with a 75% majority of members attending the meeting

26) That in the event of the Society ceasing to exist, all assets are to be sold at Auction and the proceeds donated to a local Charity

27) The Chairman or elected Chairman, shall take the chair at all meetings and in the event of a tie in any vote have the casting vote

28) No member shall poach, damage crops or commit trespass or interfere with any farming equipment or commit any act that can bring the Society into disrepute.

29) No member shall have in their possession, any gun or crossbow or any implement for the destruction of game or wildlife other than the implements of Angling.
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